The Steps To Selling Your Home

Selling your home is all about teamwork and if we work together the difference in what you sell your home for can be dramatic.

When you Contact James for a free consultation. Here’s what to expect:

Step 1

Viewing your home.

At this stage I will  go through your home and  take detailed notes about the condition of your property, specifically looking at any updates or renovations.  During this initial meeting we will also discuss your plans  and I will address any concerns you have regarding a time frame for selling.

Step 2

Reviewing the Market Evaluation

Typically within a few days we meet again where I  provide you with a detailed Market Evaluation of your home looking specifically at the following:

  • A  marketing plan emphasizing  your home’s premiere features.
  • Opportinities to increase the value of your home with repairs and updates if required.
  • A review of what  comparable homes have  SOLD for recently.
  • My recommendation as to the value of your home.

At  this stage I will leave you with a copy of the report for your reference. Should further questions arise later, I am available for further discussion.

Step 3

Preparing for sale

Together we discuss the steps necessary to launch your property on the market. If necessary you may wish to draw  on our  staging experience to assist you in creating  an unforgettable first impression.

Step 4

Listing the property

Once your home is " Market ready" we meet to list the property.

Step 5

Marketing your Property 

It is during this phase that we take the home's unique features and promote them in a marketing plan. High quality marketing material is produced with the purpose of creating a strong desire for the property. We take great pride in producing extraordinary marketing material including high resolution professional photos both in print and online.

Step 6 

The Offer and Negotiating Stage

Drawing on my negotiating skills and experience we will work together to evaluate all offers and negotiate the strongest offer with the most ideal terms.

Step 7

The completion and follow up service.

The service doesn't end when the sold sign goes up. We endeavour to ensure  your  complete satisfaction right up to moving day.