Whether you are needing groceries or a bottle of wine for dinner, a book from the library or a coffee on your way to work Champlain Square has over 45 shops and services.

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Our local mini-mall is located at 7725 Champlain Crescent and offers the following shops and services:

  • The Village Pub - The place to meet friends for a drink
  • Village Market  - conveniently located and open late
  • Isel Beauty Salon
  • George's Cleaners
  • Kinemi"s Kitchen  
  • Lupii Cafe
  • Huamalli and Asscociates - CGA

 3380 Maquinna Drive:

  • Vancouver Laser Pain Clinic
  • Garlane Pharmacy
  • Dr. Grant Sun Dentistry
  • Champlain Heights Physiotherapy
  • Discover Chiropractic

Champlain Pets- 8180 Champlain crescent - 604-456-0512