STAGING and preparing your home for sale.

Taking the time to prepare your home for sale and staging it will make a difference in determining the price you receive for your property and how quickly it will sell. Specifically, look at the following before presenting your home on the market.


Is it beautiful? Is it necessary? Does it enhance the look of your home? If you can not answer yes to each of these questions then pack it, sell it, recyle it or give it away.  Consider renting storage space or ordering a mobile storage unit or alternatively contacting a charity to remove your excess things.

Clean It

There is no greater turn off to Buyers than a dirty home. Consider hiring a cleaner if you're short on time. Cleaning the carpets just before listing will help give your home a clean and fresh smell.

Paint It

Dollar for dollar this is undoubtedly the best investement you can make in your home before selling. If you like, I can provide a colour consultation to help you choose the ideal paint tones.

Create A Theme

Staging is about creating a story in every room. The better the story, the better the Buyer response. For example, is it an uninspiring  room in the basement or the entertainment centre every guy dreams about? Many of my clients really enjoy the challenge and fun of staging their properties before listing.

First Impressions

If you can capture the buyer’s interest within the first few minutes, a sale is more likely. Ask yourself this question , if I  were the Buyer of my  home how would I want it to look?